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I’m Baaaaack and I Apologize for the delay !!!

This week, let’s begin with the NFC North !!!

  • Green Bay Packers: What can we say about the Packers !?!?!? Arguably the Best QB in the game, Aaron Rodgers will again have a Great Season, as he did last year. However with the way the Packers exited last season, I’m quite sure still stings and lingers in the back of their minds !!! The Packers, still have their offensive weapons, minus WR Jordy Nelson. Rodgers will not lose stride and the other weapons for the Packers will fill the void. WR Randall Cobb is looking a little gimpy after Sunday’s win. WR James Jones, had an EXCELLENT return game this weekend and Bruising RB Eddie Lacy also contributed to the W against My Bears. The Offensive line is also where the strengths is with this team. The Biggest Question with this team is Defense !?!? The Packers Defense gave up 23 points to a woeful Bears Offense. Can they put it together and get some key stops as the season progresses. I have the Packers easily winning the division and as much as it Bothers me to say this, it’s the TRUTH !!! Mike McCarthy will (As Always) have his team running on all cylinders and the Packers will finish 12-4, no worse than 11-5.
  • Detroit Lions: The Lions have the Gun Slinging QB in Matthew Stafford. The Lions have drafted RB Ameer Abdullah has shown some promise in the preseason and actually had a pretty respectable 1st game as a Rookie. Veteran Joique Bell has returned, however is his health going to allow him to return to form !?!? We all know the Lions have 1 of the Best WR in the game …. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Megatron consistently puts up BIG numbers every year. Can Megatron do it again and can the Offensive line keep Stafford upright !?!? That has yet to be seen. The Lions Defense is “SUSPECT” !!!! With the loss of DT Suh and DT Nick Fairley, their D-Line will feel the affects of this loss. Coach Jim Caldwell is definitely changing the culture in Detroit and has them treading in the right direction. As long as the Lions can keep Stafford upright and his uniform as clean as possible and Main thing is DEFENSE, can they stop anybody !?!? Time will tell with this team. Also, when it comes to the come down, can they win the BIG GAME, against the Green Bay Packers for the division !?!? We shall see. I have the Lions finishing 2nd in the division with a 10-6 record.
  • Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have fixed 1 key position in an attempt to change face of the franchise …. QB Teddy Bridgewater !!! Teddy will make this Offense Better in all aspects, however can the O-Line protect the Young Gunner and allow him to become a franchise QB in this league. The highly anticipated return of RB Adrian Peterson aka All Day aka AP …. After being out for most of the season last year, can All Day return to his bruising style of running and making opposing defenses look and feel bad !?!? The Vikings and Running orientated Coach, Norv Turner will get to see if AP is fully back or will it take a couple of games to return to form. Last night against the S.F. 49ers, Adrian Peterson looked a little rusty. Grant it, he’s missed all but a couple of games last season. The Vikings have added WR and Long Ball threat Mike Wallace. This addition is helpful in a sense that it would allow Teddy to stretch the field and once AP kicks into gear, this would hope to place his other weapons in play to be big for the team. I’m Not a believer at all in the Vikings Defense. Their Defense is SUPER SUSPECT !!! I don’t believe they can stop anyone and it showed in last nights game against the 49ers. I have the Vikings finishing last in the division with a 6-10 or even 5-11 record.
  • Chicago Bears: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BEARS !!! My Team !!! Where should I start with My Team !?!? The Bears have gone thru a complete makeover in the Front Office. With the much needed firing of Phil Emory, the Bears signed New GM Ryan Pace, Head Coach John Fox (Formerly of the Denver Broncos), Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase (Formerly of the Denver Broncos) and Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio (Formerly of the S.F. 49ers) We’ve completely revamped the coaching staff and hopefully that’ll transition to the team. We’ve drafted WR Kevin White (West Virginia), however White hasn’t played a down in Preseason due to a Stress Fracture in his left shin. This kid is needed to fill the void left by Brandon Marshall (NY Jets) Hopefully he can get healthy and help us out next season !!! We have the workhorse RB Matt Forte who showed out last season. 100+ Receptions as a RB is a Great accomplishment. We have WR Alshon Jeffery returning again, however can he play a whole season without being injured !?!? We shall see. TE Martellus Bennett adds that Veteran Leadership that the teams needs on offense. 2 Very Important things that concern me with my team …… QB Jay Cutler … This guy is paid $20 Million and has only produced 1 playoff appearance in 7 years with the team. The Bears shopped Cutler in the off season & are we surprised that there was No Takers !?!? Of course not !!! LOL. Jay Cutler has to make better decisions on the field. He’s here to stay for a little while, but he has to get better all around. He’s talented, however we need Efficiency !!! The Defense is the other aspect where my team lacks …. Vic Fangio changed to the 3-4 Defense. It looked like it isn’t working yet as of Sunday against Green Bay, as they drove Up & Down the field as they pleased. We lost CB Charles “Peanut” Tillman (Carolina Panthers), CB Tim Jennings and Longtime Bears LB Lance Briggs. We did add Veteran Safety Antrelle Rolle and as mentioned a new Defensive Coordinator. Will these additions in the front office and on the field help any !?!? I remain optimistic when it comes to my team, but it doesn’t look to good in a division that is improving each year. I have My Bears finishing 3rd in the division with a 8-8 record and that may be me being generous !!!!
  • 2015 Predictions: Packers, Lions, Bears & Vikings.

Next week, we will discuss the NFC West ….. Stay Tuned Sports Fans !!!


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